4 Red Flags to Look for When Hiring a Civil Infrastructure Contractor

13 July 2022

When it comes to construction projects, one should always rely on a civil infrastructure contractor in planning and finalising them.

What makes a contractor essential to these projects is they have all the needed professionals and employees who can turn proposed projects into reality. A reputable contractor also supplies all the tools and equipment pieces needed for the projects. They also have experts who can supervise the projects and inspect them throughout their construction processes.

Tons of civil infrastructure contractors have been offering their services to people like you. And while a lot of them are truly reputable and experienced, a few of them are not. So, when hiring a civil infrastructure contractor for your project, you must look out for the following red flags to avoid those that are deceitful.

  1. Does Not Provide Viable References

A civil infrastructure contractor without any references can be considered a red flag. You see, reputable contractors will conveniently provide references once you asked for them as they genuinely believe in their services. And through these references, you can conveniently know the type of work they can offer and the output of their services. A contractor that does not want to provide any references may be a sign that they cannot do their services right. Even newly-established contractors will be willing to give names that can back up their potential in the industry.

  1. Disregards Showcase of Insurance

A contractor without any proof of insurance can also be considered a red flag. The services civil infrastructure contractors normally offer can be hefty and dangerous. Through insurance, they can effectively cover any damages that they may generate during their services. The lack of this means that they might not be willing to claim the liabilities of any damages or even injuries on site.

  1. Passes the Permit Responsibilities

Your contractor may be a walking red flag if they pass the responsibilities of getting the permits to you. A contractor is hired to ensure that they can carry out all the tasks necessary to start the project. If you are asked to prepare and submit all the permits for the construction, you may want to think twice about them. There is a huge chance that the contractor does not have the license to work with construction projects. Their licenses may have already been revoked due to past violations. And since they will not be submitting the permits, they will not be reliable to your site in case an emergency happens.

  1. Requests for Huge Cash Payments

Reputable contractors offer multiple options for the payment. However, if a contractor only allows cash as their mode of payment, you may want to opt for another contractor. Cash payments can be risky since the contractors may be avoiding paying taxes for their employees. These payments are likewise untraceable, protecting contractors from being tracked once they suddenly do not show up on your project site.

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