Common Sewer Line Problems That Require Immediate Attention

27 July 2022

Residential and commercial buildings will never be complete without a sewer system. A sewer system is comprised of components that can ensure the protection of water quality and public health. Some components of this system include pipes, pumping stations, and access points.

These components obtain and transport wastewater or sewage from buildings to wastewater treatment plants. The wastewater treatment plants will then help process the wastewater before returning it to the environment. Without these plants, wastewater will only end up polluting the bodies of water, the land, and the surfaces it passes through. As wastewater pollutes the environment, the overall health of people and other living things will be affected significantly.

Now, since sewer pipes or lines are often subjected to wastewater, they are expected to corrode gradually. They can also overcome other problems and issues as they perform their functions daily. If your sewer lines possess these problems, you may have to service them right away.

Corroded Parts

One of the most common sewer line problems is the existence of corroded parts. Most sewer lines today are already made from materials that can resist corrosion. However, even with the strongest metal out there, sewer lines can still be affected by corrosion if they are exposed to wastewater for a long time. As sewer lines start to corrode, the damage to these components can swiftly spread until they break down entirely. Once corrosion is present on the lines, you must have them serviced right away.

Clogged Lines

Another sewer line problem that requires immediate attention is the clogging of the pipes. Pipes can be clogged whenever hard-to-dissolve items are discarded alongside wastewater. As these items accumulate on sewer lines, they may end up blocking the path of the wastewater. Ultimately, the raw sewage may flow back to the property, which then causes health and hygienic issues among occupants. Servicing your lines is necessary once you have detected raw sewage smell from your sink or toilet.

Cracked Pipes

Bathtubs, sinks, and toilets are fixtures that often discard wastewater upon their use to the pipes until it reaches the treatment plant. Normally, they can often do this process without any issues. However, if you or others detect some gassy odours from these fixtures, you must have the sewer lines checked and serviced immediately. One potential cause behind the gassy odours is cracked pipes, which may be generated due to the existence of too many undissolved items on the lines. Cracked pipes may also occur due to the intrusion of tree roots.

Faulty Devices

One more sewer line problem that may need urgent attention from specialists is the existence of faulty backflow prevention devices. These devices are intended to prevent wastewater from returning to the property. With faulty backflow prevention devices, your property may be filled with water that contains gravel and other similar debris. Having your backflow prevention devices repaired or even replaced by professionals right away is essential to prevent obtaining health problems.

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