Concrete in Construction Works and Its Best Applications

13 April 2023

The number of materials that can be used in building projects can be huge. These projects, after all, should last for numerous years. They must likewise bring value to property owners and their occupants while using and maximising them.

One of the materials often used in building projects is concrete. Generally, concrete is a material mostly utilised by the building and construction industry. It is typically made from several materials, which include cement, fine aggregate, crushed stones, and water. As time passes, ready-mix concrete is now being offered to contractors as the elements needed to make this construction material are getting abundant in quantity.

Notable Qualities of Concrete

Concrete features tons of qualities that make it a great material for construction projects.

First, concrete has remarkable strength. Various construction companies take advantage of concrete as it can withstand compressive and tensile stresses without attaining any damage. The strength of this material may even be enhanced once it boasts a well-graded mixture. This quality allows contractors to use the material in generating buildings, foundations, factories, large industrial properties, water treatment facilities, and other types of structures.

Take note that the strength of the concrete can still vary depending on its mixture. Increasing or decreasing the quantity of cement, water, and crushed stone can alter its strength.

Another quality of concrete is it is durable. It can resist harsh weather conditions and natural disasters. It can also withstand rusting, chemical reactions, erosion, and abrasion. The outstanding versatility of concrete likewise makes the material a staple in the construction industry. Ultimately, it is eco-friendly. Concrete elements can be recycled and reused once they have reached the end of their lifespan. And since they can be recycled, the need to extract raw materials and process them is significantly minimised.

Best Applications of Concrete

All the qualities of concrete make it the best material for many construction works.

One of the applications of concrete is constructing buildings. Both residential and commercial buildings can be constructed out of concrete, especially when it comes to their foundations, slabs, columns, and beams. All these structural elements of the buildings, when made from concrete, are expected to last for decades since the material can make them resistant to damaging elements, stresses, and others. Concrete can also help stabilise buildings and make them energy efficient.

Roads and driveways can also take advantage of concrete due to its durability and long service life. And since these construction works will be used by pedestrians and vehicle owners every day, they have to last for a long time without requiring regular upkeep. The low maintenance requirement of concrete makes it a great material for these works.

Dams are structures that are always filled with water. Their exposure to water only means that they should be made from materials that will not get damaged by water. Concrete, luckily, is a material that can be utilised in constructing dams as it can withstand heavy loads due to water pressure and resist weather elements.

Other key applications of concrete are seawalls, breakwaters, bulkheads, sewers, culverts, piers, fences, and bridges.

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