Everything You Should Know About Heavy Civil Infrastructure Construction

25 May 2022

Residential, commercial, and industrial buildings are normally created by contractors that have been contacted by individuals or business owners. And for these properties to be built effectively, they would require contractors that possess adequate knowledge and experience in constructing them.

But what about public infrastructures?

The construction industry is normally branched out in a lot of ways. Building construction, for instance, is meant for the construction of residential and commercial buildings. Landscaping, alternatively, is the construction of land features that are comprised of living elements. Public infrastructures like bridges, dams, and railways, ultimately, are all made by heavy civil infrastructure construction.

An Overview of Heavy Civil Infrastructure Construction

Heavy civil infrastructure construction or heavy engineering is a component of the construction industry that deals with the construction of heavy infrastructures like bridges, dams, railways, airports, water systems, and canals. It also covers the construction of the structural framework of large buildings.

What makes heavy civil infrastructure construction different from others is it normally carries out extensive planning and coordination among engineers, design specialists, and other important construction professionals. Another thing that makes this special is it does not only cover the construction of public infrastructures but also involves their maintenance. Companies that offer heavy civil infrastructure construction also handle natural and existing environments such as mountain ridges and water reservoirs and manage areas that border with humanmade infrastructures.

Most Common Heavy Civil Construction Developments

Heavy civil construction companies must be careful in carrying out projects that will often be utilised by the public. And so, they would normally assess the soil grading, erosion control, access rights, public impact, legal regulations, and other aspects of the development site. They should also have workers who are adept at checking, operating, and maintaining heavy equipment pieces.

Companies that offer heavy civil infrastructure construction services can cover a lot of development projects. Some of these projects include bridges, railroads, roadways, wastewater treatment plants, canals, river stabilisation systems, dams, and earthwork projects.

As for the activities, they can carry out site remediation, site demolition, site clearing, slope protection, erosion control, landscaping, soil stabilisation, and many more.

Heavy Civil Infrastructure vs. Commercial Construction

Despite the distinct qualities of heavy civil infrastructure construction companies, a lot of people still confuse them with commercial construction companies.

One thing that makes heavy civil infrastructure construction companies different from commercial ones is they are involved in projects funded by the state. And since they are funded by the government, the infrastructures built by these companies are expected to benefit the community. Commercial construction companies, on the other hand, only cater to projects where commercial buildings are involved. These buildings include malls, stores, offices, and factories.

Another thing that separates heavy civil infrastructure from commercial construction is their general design. Heavy civil infrastructure construction projects typically boast plans and designs that make everything functional and cost-effective. Commercial construction projects, alternatively, heavily prioritise client satisfaction, making sure that they will be both appealing and profitable.

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