Formwork Services: Different Systems Used in Civil Construction Projects

25 August 2023

Ensure the success of your civil construction project through formwork services by Cycon Monero. Uncover the types of formworks suitable for these projects.

Formwork services are specialised services provided by contractors that involve designing, supplying, installing, and removing formwork systems in construction projects. These services make sure the proper construction of temporary structures that support the shape and form of concrete structures until they secure and gain sufficient strength.

Formwork design is one of the services that involve formwork systems. It utilises engineering principles and software tools to generate efficient and safe formwork designs. Formwork supply is another service that contractors offer. It basically involves the procurement of formwork panels, beams, props, connectors, and accessories. Another service involving formwork is installation, which should be done correctly to form a stable structure. Formwork maintenance must then be carried out to inspect, repair, and clean the formwork.

Not all civil construction projects, however, can benefit from similar formwork systems. To date, various types of formworks can be used for the said projects. Some of them are as follows.

Traditional Timber Formwork

Timber formwork is one of the oldest and most traditional types of formwork systems. It takes advantage of timber planks, beams, and props to create temporary moulds for casting concrete. Traditional timber formwork is versatile, cost-effective, and easily accessible. However, it needs skilled labour for assembly and can be time-consuming to set up and dismantle.

Steel Formwork

Steel formwork is another type of formwork system used in civil construction projects. It maximises steel panels, frames, and props to support the concrete during curing. Steel formwork offers high strength, durability, and reusability. It also provides a smooth and even surface finish to the concrete structure. All these features allow steel formwork to fit large-scale projects and be assembled and dismantled quickly, improving construction speed. But it can be more expensive than timber formwork. It also requires regular upkeep to prevent rusting.

Aluminium Formwork

Aluminium formwork systems are lightweight, modular systems that use aluminium panels, beams, and props to create formwork. This type of formwork offers advantages such as ease of handling, reusability, and high-quality surface finish. It is also quick to assemble and dismantle, reducing construction time and labour costs. These benefits make aluminium formwork well-suited for repetitive construction projects.

Modular Plastic Formwork

Modular plastic formwork systems are made of lightweight plastic panels that interlock to create formwork. They offer advantages such as excellent surface finish, low maintenance, and high reusability. They are also easy to handle, assemble, and dismantle. Modular plastic formwork is suitable for small to medium-sized civil construction projects and is particularly popular for projects with irregular shapes or intricate designs.

Engineered Formwork Systems

Engineered formwork systems are custom-designed and manufactured to meet specific project requirements. They often combine different materials such as steel, aluminium, or advanced composites to create formwork that can withstand high pressures and provide precise formwork geometry. They offer enhanced strength, accuracy, and efficiency. They are commonly used for complex structures, such as bridges, tunnels, and high-rise buildings.

Each formwork system has its advantages and considerations, depending on factors like project requirements, budget, timeline, and desired surface finish. Contractors and engineers must carefully evaluate these factors to select the most suitable formwork system for their specific civil construction project. By opting for the right formwork system, contractors can optimise efficiency, quality, and safety in their civil construction projects.

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