General Earthmoving Mistakes that Contractors Must Avoid

15 December 2022

When constructing new buildings or renovating existing structures, property owners would often turn to contractors that can meet their project needs and requirements. And one of the activities that they ask from their contractors is earthmoving.

Earthmoving is a construction activity that involves the movement of earth elements with heavy machines. This activity is mostly carried out to excavate foundations for new buildings. However, earthmoving can also be done to demolish existing structures, lift heavy rocks and debris, and polish landscaping elements. The machines used for earthmoving typically include excavators, bulldozers, trenchers, loaders, and compactors.

Many more applications and machines are involved in earthmoving. Hence, contractors are required to master them so they can provide quality services. They should also avoid committing the following general earthmoving mistakes to prevent any problems.

Overlooking Key Site Preparations

One of the mistakes that contractors should not commit during earthmoving projects is overlooking key site preparations. Contractors that quickly send earthmoving machines and personnel to a site without preparing any plans can be a recipe for disaster. And without any plans, they might excavate the wrong areas and move the wrong materials. Plans should be designed and finalised first before proceeding to the next steps of earthmoving.

Skipping Assignment of a Supervisor

A project supervisor in earthmoving projects will always keep an eye on the tasks being done on a given site. Failure to assign a supervisor can lead to problems and hazards that may be overlooked by workers and other professionals. Project supervisors, hence, must be hired since they already know the hazards associated with earthmoving activities. They can also provide suggestions on how to carry them out without compromising quality and safety.

Leaving Utility Lines Unprotected

Another mistake that contractors should not commit is leaving utility lines unprotected. Earthmoving activities involve the excavation of the earth. They also carry out the movement of the ground elements. If the earthmoving machines suddenly hit the unprotected utility lines, the latter may burst or get damaged, which will only lead to health hazards and expenses. The utility lines, therefore, should be protected with safety wraps before carrying out earthmoving tasks.

Missing Soil Testing and Assessment

Earthmoving may generally involve the transfer of the earth from one place to another. Soil testing and assessment, however, should still be conducted to know if the ground can be altered and excavated without generating any hazards or issues. Some project sites, after all, maybe already weak and unstable. Once earthmoving is carried out on these sites, the structures and the ground might collapse, which can injure many people.

Neglecting Local Rules and Regulations

One more earthmoving mistake that contractors must avoid is neglecting local rules and regulations. Professional contractors cannot carry out their projects optimally if they keep on neglecting the rules and regulations set by the local authorities. After all, they might receive penalties and legal cases that will only deter them from operating continuously. So, instead of violating them, they would follow them to maintain the safety of the people on site.

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