Key Advantages and Uses of Concrete in Construction Projects

25 March 2022

The durability and longevity of a building can only be enhanced if it is made from quality materials. Thankfully, more and more contractors today are adept at choosing and maximising the right set of materials for their construction projects.

One of the materials that are often used by contractors on their projects is concrete. Concrete is a combination of materials that make it very useful for construction works. Some materials that are used in generating concrete are cement, crushed stones, fine aggregate, and water. Some contractors manually combine these materials to generate concrete. Others, however, opt for ready-mix concrete to speed up their construction works.

The Advantages of Using Concrete

No matter what type of concrete contractors will use, the said construction material can surely provide advantages that can be great for various buildings and structures. Some of the advantages of concrete in construction projects are as follows:

  • Robust– One of the advantages of concrete is that it is robust. Many construction companies still maximise concrete today as it has already established its reputation as one of the most robust materials in the industry. Once the concrete has solidified, it can effectively provide ample resistance against tensile and compressive stresses that are significantly needed in ensuring the structural integrity of a building or feature.
  • Durable – Another advantage of concrete is that it is durable. Harsh weather elements such as intense sunlight, strong winds, and large amounts of rainfall can all affect the longevity of most construction materials. Concrete, however, can resist all these elements. It can even withstand chemical reactions, erosion, fire, rusting, abrasion, and other damaging elements. This benefit allows structures out of concrete to last longer.
  • Sustainable – One more advantage of using concrete is it is sustainable. Building parts that are made from concrete can be recycled and reused after reaching the end of their service life. And through their recyclability, the energy needed to extract their main components is expected to be minimised, saving the environment from losing its vital sources of energy. Concrete is also sustainable since most of its materials can already be outsourced locally, cutting transportation costs.

Using Concrete in Construction

Concrete’s strength, durability, and sustainability make the material highly recommended for most construction projects. One of the projects that can maximise concrete is the construction of various roads, highways, sideways, and garages. Another project that can utilise the outstanding advantages of concrete is the creation of pavements, fences, poles, foundations, walls and footings for gates, and architectural structures. Even landscaping structures can take advantage of concrete materials.

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