Key Challenges in Carrying Out Excavation and Earthmoving Works

07 February 2023

Contractors in the building and construction industry should be adept in carrying out processes so they can complete projects optimally and quickly. Two processes they must conduct successfully all the time are excavation and earthmoving.

Excavation is the removal of soil or rock from a site and transferring them to another place. This activity intends to generate an open face, hole, or cavity. It is often done through tools, machines, or even explosives. Earthmoving is a part of excavation work since it deals with the movement of large quantities of earth elements from excavated areas of project sites. These works are often done in construction sites, business premises, and public spaces.

Through excavation and earthmoving works, large buildings and civil projects can be completed. Contractors, however, face tons of challenges when carrying them out. Some challenges in carrying out excavation and earthmoving works are as follows.

Working with Slopes and Angles

One of the challenges in carrying out excavation and earthmoving works is dealing with slopes and angles. Even though some property sites may look flat, they may still boast a slope at a slender, negligible angle. Land areas with this type of slope can be difficult for contractors since they have to ensure that the water will constantly run into the foundation. They must also make sure that the gravitational force will not cause the project to lean with time. As a counter to this problem, they must construct swales so that the water flow can be diverted out.

Countering Troublesome Water

Water can be a huge problem in construction projects, especially during excavation and earthmoving. If the water table of the project site is shallow and the moisture content of the ground to be excavated is high, contractors have to ensure that they will be handling them optimally. When dealing with this issue, they may have to dig several support trenches and deep wells so they can force the water to be transported into other areas. As long as the water is away from the excavation site, they can eventually finish these projects.

Working with the Soil Content

Soil can also be an element that can deter contractors from carrying out excavation and earthmoving projects smoothly. The overall moisture content and makeup of the soil can be different from one place to another. Some can cave back into pits and holes, which can be a huge problem for these projects. Others, however, may not move as easily as the others, which can also be an issue for the contractors. In this case, construction companies would have to take adequate measures to ensure that they can work on the site optimally.

Encountering Rock Formations

Rocks and other elements on the ground are removed whenever holes and other construction elements must be generated. Contractors, however, can encounter several types of rocks and rock formations that can be troublesome to remove. Necessary safety measures, therefore, must be implemented by the contractors so they can remove them carefully. Additional processes may also be required to ensure that the rocks will be crushed and extracted without generating damages and disturbances on site.

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