Top 5 Concrete Placement Mistakes Reputable Contractors Do Not Commit

28 June 2022

Concrete boasts tons of features that make it beneficial for a lot of structures and outdoor features.

One of the features of concrete is it has excellent durability. It can likewise resist rust, rot, burn, and other damaging effects of the surrounding elements. Concrete can also absorb and retain heat, resist wind and water, provide fire safety, and dampen sound. But before property owners can benefit from these features, concrete structures and outdoor features should be placed properly first.

The concrete placement must be done professionally to ensure that the structures or outdoor features will be durable and stable. It must even be planned thoroughly to prevent overlooking technical and climatic parameters. By hiring a reputable contractor for concrete projects, you may expect the following mistakes to be avoided.

  1. Using a High Amount of Water

One concrete placement mistake that a reputable contractor will not commit is utilising a high amount of water for the mix. Some contractors use too much water on their concrete mix to make it work. But once they use the mixture in their projects, the concrete structures will not gain their needed strength, making them prone to corrosion and other similar damages.

  1. Settling with Poor Curing

Concrete structures should be cured appropriately to gain the benefits associated with them. Reputable contractors, fortunately, do not settle with poor curing. Poor curing is bad for the concrete structures since it will only affect their strength negatively. With this type of curing, the water lost from the concrete will not be compensated, resulting in the shrinkage cracking of the concrete structures.

  1. Placing the Steel Erroneously

Another concrete placement mistake that reputable contractors do not commit is placing the steel erroneously. Steel placement for concrete structures should always be carried out under the correct guidance and drawing. Without following these elements, the structure will not attain sufficient cover, making it vulnerable to corrosion. The lack of a cover may also lead to moisture penetration of the surfaces. It may even lead to the cracking and spalling of the concrete.

  1. Carrying Out Poor Compaction

One part of the concrete placement is compaction. Reputable contractors would ensure that their concrete projects will be compacted efficiently and effectively through proper ramming and vibration. With the right compaction, concrete structures are expected to be dense and impermeable. Poor compaction, alternatively, will only make the projects permeable and vulnerable to elements.

  1. Allowing Concrete Segregation

One more concrete placement mistake that reputable contractors do not commit is concrete segregation. Concrete segregation often happens when the concrete has been placed or dropped from a great height. It may also happen if the aggregate amount in a concrete mix is too high. Opting for concrete placed with segregation will only make the surface of a structure uneven and porous.

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